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 Week 31 Homework Due on May 10

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PostSubject: Week 31 Homework Due on May 10   Mon 02 May 2016, 6:29 pm

We're coming down to the last weeks of SHINE. Check engrade and make sure you've turned everything in. 

-- Study for the Vocab Test which will be available on ClassMarker from Friday, May 6 through Sunday, May 8, midnight.

-- Continue working on your Thesis Paper. If you need help, please don't wait--call, text or email ASAP. You only have a couple of more weeks to work on it.
Remember, your rough draft is due no later than the last day of class!!!

-- Read Great Expectations, chapters 48-52 and answer the questions below:
Chapter XLVIII
1. Who does Pip feel Molly to be?
2. What reasons does he have for his suspicions?
3. What sort of husband does Jaggers think The Spider would be to Estella?
4. The phrase “over the broomstick" means “not legally married," and implies a common-law marriage. Who are the people who were “married" in this informal manner?
5. Hounslow Heath, about twelve miles west of London, was a maze of footpaths: What event transpired there?
Chapter XLIX
1. Why does Pip go to Satis House?
2. What does Miss Havisham ask of Pip in return for the £900?
3. What information does she give him about Estella?
4. Although Pip has saved Miss Havisham from the fire, how is she when he leaves?
Chapter L
1. From what Magwitch tells Pip, what does Pip deduce?
Chapter LI
1. In confirming his conclusion, what side of his nature did Jaggers show?
Chapter LII
1. What good thing does Pip complete?
2. How has Pip's rescue of Miss Havisham delayed his plans?
3. When do they plan to put their plan into action?
4. Where does Pip go Monday night?
5. What happens to the letter which concerns his uncle Provis?
Chapter LIII
1. Who captures Pip in the old sluice house?
2. Why does Pip feel he was doomed?
3. How is Pip providentially saved?
Dickens wrote in a memorandum that Pip is now about 23, and that he was about 7 at the opening of the story. Magwitch, now 60, was about 40 when he first met Compeyson.
Chapter LIV
1.What news disturbs Pip when they got Magwitch as far as the public-house on the river?
2. How are his fears justified when they set out for the steamer?
3. How does Pip's attitude toward Magwitch change after the convict had been rescued from the water?
Vocabulary: “coal-whippers" = workmen who unload coal from ships; “ballast-lighters" = Thames barges carrying stabilizing weight to be transferred to sailing ships; “thowels" = wooden pegs that serve oarlocks for rowing; “jack" = one who performs odd-jobs.
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Week 31 Homework Due on May 10
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