2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Karate HW due 4/19:

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PostSubject: Karate HW due 4/19:   Tue 12 Apr 2016, 11:34 pm

Due April 19th:
1.              Do a plank at least three different times this week. Time how long you can hold it for. I’ll be asking next week in class how long you were able to hold your plank for.
2.              20 sit-ups; 3 different times this week
3.              Practice all katas twice during the week. Spend at least 15 minutes each time.
4.              Practice the combination of punches that we worked on in class today.
5.              In two weeks, we will have our final written test. You may want to start working on memorizing terms this week. Here are the terms I expect you to know for the quiz. We will take this written quiz in class on Tuesday, April 26th.  Very Happy
a.   ippon nukite:             one finger strike
b.   tatei:                           short, vertical strike
c.    tetsui:                         hammer strike
d.   haito:                          ridgehand strike
e.   jun-tsuki:                    forward punch
f.    tsuki:                           punch/strike
g.   nukite:                        strike
h.   hikite:                         back elbow position strike
i.    yohan nukite:            four finger spearhand strike
j.    gyaku tsuki:               reverse punch
a.     Zenkutsa dachi          forward stance
b.     Sheeko dachi             outward circular stance
c.      Kiba dachi                  horse stance - we are in this stance when we do
punches in warm ups
d.     Hamni dachi              lunge stance we use in body shifts
e.     Neeko ashi dachi       long cat stance
f.      Neeko dachi               flat cat stance
g.     Gyaku-tsuki dachi     reverse stance
h.     Kamae dachi              fighting stance
i.       Masuba dachi            bowing stance
a.   Mae geri                     front kick
b.   Mae ashi geri             roundhouse kick
c.    Yoko geri                    Step up side kick
d.   Mawatta yoko geri    Spinning side kick
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Karate HW due 4/19:
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