2015/16 Tutorial Assignments
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 Art Homework due 10/6

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PostSubject: Art Homework due 10/6   Tue 29 Sep 2015, 6:49 pm

For next week

1. For those of you who still need to turn in your negative space oil pastel drawing exercise, be sure to turn those in next week.

Also be sure to turn in the paper sculpture/relief drawing and rubric. I will grade those when I come back from vacation and return them to you then.

2.View the video about texture

View the video on drawing realistic textures

3. Go back to the first video and towards the end of it, the video talks about  using a brown paper bag, and drawing the texture you see. I think that one that is a bit crumpled up, will work best. In your sketch book draw the bag and add the textures and the values you see, use the whole page. Refer to the handouts that show how you can use different textures to show values and do your best to show that in the drawing. Pick one of those to use besides blending like you did in your last project. I will look at these drawings when we return from break.

4. Finish the  texture/value worksheets and turn them in next week.

5. Bring your sketchbook, notebooks and drawing pencils to class.

In class next week you will just be doing some drawing and going over some of the things we covered so far in class. You will have just a little homework to do and a couple of videos to view before we return from the break, you should be able to finish quickly. I will post a reminder of what you'll need to bring to class on October 20, be sure to check the homework page. If anyone has any questions, I will be checking email and texts over the break

I hope you all have a wonderful fall break!
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Art Homework due 10/6
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