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 Week 26 Hwk Due April 5

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PostSubject: Week 26 Hwk Due April 5   Mon 28 Mar 2016, 10:47 pm

Homework Due April 5

** Study for Vocabulary Test and write well-thought-out sentences showing you know the meaning of the words. Sentences need to be turned in on April 5. The test will be available on Class Marker from Friday, April 8 through Sunday, April 10.

**Flash Fiction Assignment
This week's flash fiction assignment should be less than 300 words.

** The 3rd. quarter is over and I need to finalize grades. Please make sure to email me anything that you are missing by Wednesday midnight. This is your last chance!!!!!**

**Read chs. 29-30 in Great Expectations. Cut and paste the questions into a Word document and answer. These will be due April 5th.

Great Expectations Questions Chapters 29-32
Chapter XXIX
"Tag and Rag and Bobtail"--a mob or rabble wearing ragged clothes.
1. In what role does Pip see himself as he returned to Miss Havisham's?
2. In his feelings for Estella, how does Pip come to follow Miss Havisham's teaching?
3. Why does Pip not visit Joe?
Chapter XXX
1. How did Pip “get even with" Orlick?
2. How did Herbert's “love life" show a contrast with that of Pip?
3. Why does Pip refer to the codfish and barrel of oysters he sends to Joe as “penitential"?
4. Why does Herbert use the nick-name “Handel" for Pip?
5. Why does Herbert accuse Pip of “looking into our gift-horse's mouth with a magnifying glass"?
Vocabulary: “sour grapes" is an allusion to a fable by the Greek Aesop (c. 620-c. 560 BC) in which a fox consoles himself for a crow's unwillingness to help him obtain a bunch of grapes. The term indicates Herbert's wide reading, and suggests that he feels Pip is deluding himself about being intended for Estella.
Chapter XXXI
1. How does Pip's night at the theater only increase his anxieties instead of easing them?
Chapter XXXII
1. Why does Dickens include a picture of Newgate Prison?
2. How does Estella appear to Pip in contrast to his visit to the prison?
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Week 26 Hwk Due April 5
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